Security is at the forefront of the financial services sector – they have in place the most meticulously-constructed security procedures.

However, in the event that something goes wrong, the bank needs to ensure swift action. SOTERIA understands that each institution has its own specific procedure, which needs to be integrated into its alarm management system and this is carefully considered when devising a security solution.

Other than offering video surveillance of every action that goes on inside the bank and at all ATMs, A network video solution from SOTERIA also offers a scalable surveillance platform.We try to get a proper understanding of customer requirements and prepare tailor-made solutions for them.

We have been working closely with banks and financial institutions as their trusted and reliable partner to deliver complete security solutions that optimize their operations. We help our clients safeguard their operations from internal and external threats, frauds and fires, thus protecting the employees, customers, assets and all the branches and their operations.

We combine banking security systems with remote security monitoring to offer banks better insights and safety features to run their business smoothly. We also provide state-of-the-art ATM solutions that comprise alarm notifications, ATM lighting, video surveillance monitoring and anti-skimming technology.

You can receive regular updates and alerts, view live surveillance and get video displays of all professionals round the clock on your Android or IOS device.