SOTERIA provides comprehensive security solutions for all buildings – from single dwellings to campuses housing multiple buildings. We provide surveillance and analyses using latest technology to detect on-campus accidents, criminal activity and unauthorised access.

A central management system, operated at Soteria Command Centre using feed from all sources to observe and detect any security issue that may arise including perimeter breach.

Video Analytics helps in bbservation of student behavioural patterns while Security alarm and Access Control Integration helps to keep an eye on unauthorised access into restricted sections.Students can also be monitored by advanced Video analytics, triggering alarms in case of large gathering or loitering events.

Our team comprises dedicated specialists who have been working with public and private institutions to identify and address threats faced by schools, colleges, educational institutions and universities. Whether you own a single day care centre or a large university campus, you can trust Soteria’s integrated security technology to protect your students, employees, and all the campus facilities from potential threats and allow easy access management for the authorized campus visitors.

We understand the unique security threats faced by educational campuses and thus, our teams are highly trained to plan, design and install systems that smartly address these threats. We employ intrusion detection systems, access control, video surveillance, fire safety, and various management tools to enhance the security operations on your campus.