Safety and security of Government Institutions are vitally important for any country. Any form of security breach could escalate to a dangerous situation.

SOTERA’s Video Surveillance helps in observation of employee behavioural patterns using video analytics. Also, security alarms and Access Control Integration keeps an eye on unauthorised access into restricted areas.

Moreover, the campus perimeter will be under constant surveillance to keep an eye on any perimeter breach, raising an alarm if any such event occurs.All this is managed remotely from a central management system, which operates at SOTERIA Command Centre using feed from all sources.

Being one of the leading government facility security contractors, we offer integrated safety solutions for leading government agencies and professionals. Right from access control, panic devices, video surveillance security to burglar alarm systems, life safety solutions and intrusion detection, we provide an array of services that assist government organizations enhance their security operations.

We also ensure all our solutions are delivered on time and on budget, thus offering cost-effective design, contracts and installation of various security systems, surveillance solutions and fire and life safety options. Whether it is the protection of government buildings, important personnel or highly confidential data, you can trust Soteria’s remote security solutions to eliminate risks and ensure 24×7 safety.