The hotel industry would particularly benefit from SOTERIA’s centrally managed security system. Our solutions can be integrated with existing physical security systems, adding extra capabilities to it. Further, our advanced applications allow clients to carry out marketing analytics to improve their services. Higher resolution images, centralised feed from various sources and provision of counting the number of guests are some of the features making SOTERA’s security solutions invaluable to the hotel industry.Video surveillance could include lobbies, lounges, hallways, eating areas and car parks and more ensuring safety and preventing any kind of criminal activity.

The profitability in the hospitality industry is largely dependent on delivering a consistent customer experience while strictly adhering to high operational standards. We offer easy to use solutions that always monitor and address your security and operational conditions, giving you complete control over the crucial success factors in business. We can tailor our security solutions smartly to your business, ensuring that you can monitor and prevent fraudulent employee transactions, ensure up to date sanitation procedures, customer service and overall the hospitality experience remotely.

With Soteria’s security solutions, hospitality clients can control various commercial spaces, always keep premises safe from threats and lead the way for a more profitable business.