Industrial sites need to be highly regulated and require stability for optimum output. A mishap or activity related to terrorism could jeopardise production and cause loss of life. Security solutions for such an organisation is thus of primary importance.

We place cameras effectively to prevent theft or vandalism and pinpoint damaged equipment. It is also possible to remotely monitor manufacturing lines and processes from individual stations.SOTERIA offers technically advanced solutions for managing the needs of such industries keeping in mind the large areas that need to be brought under surveillance.

Finding the right industrial security systems can be a challenging task, especially considering the high-risk of maintaining large industries from potential security threats. Soteria offers leading remote security solutions to some of the most renowned industries, customized as per individual specifications for better operations.

Our solutions include intrusion detection, burglar alarms, RFID systems, streamlined management of security operations, fire safety, video surveillance with analytics, and access control systems.

With our remote video management and information management systems, we help large industries as well as small ones boost their productivity and profits while minimizing security threats and preventing vandalism or intrusion. Whether you’d like to protect one industrial facility or a range of geographically dispersed sites, our team will support you in managing everything under one platform.