Taking care of your loved ones and protecting them from threats of intruders, fire, carbon monoxide and other environmental damages was never easier.SOTERIA’s remote video monitoring allows an authorised user to view camera footage using any device with internet connection. Multiple sites can also be viewed at the same time.

Recorded footage, which is in high definition, can be stored digitally and is accessible 24/7.

We also do real time Reporting when users are intimated as soon as there is any intrusion or other danger on the premises. For this we use video analytical tools like e-fencing and motion detector to apprehend and report an intruder immediately.

After a detailed survey of your residence, our technical team starts the designing, development, and installation of a monitoring system that will best suit your security needs. We take complete responsibility right from selection of the system to the technology upgrades so that your systems never become redundant.

Security guards will be costlier than these systems and they cannot practically protect your entire premises as they are susceptible to exhaustion, corruption or intimidation. With Soteria’s security system, you can be assured of having a watchful eye that never rests, is always alert and doesn’t take any breaks. You can also prevent crimes and intruders by issuing a personalized audio warning. All the cameras we install on your property will act as independent guards, without requiring the physical presence of a security personnel.