SOTERIA’s services can provide complete security in the retail sector. Our technology can be integrated with existing physical security systems, adding extra capabilities. It can also be used on multiple stores at the same time.

Video Surveillance at critical areas, such as check out counters, warehouses, and parking lots, detects accidents, thefts or robberies quickly. Business shrinkage, the dreaded term for falling business numbers can be turned around if thefts by employees and shoplifting can be eliminated through proper security surveillance.Video analytics at the point of sale and throughout a store, can deliver valuable visual information and evidence.

Soteria works with some of the prominent retailers to deliver top-class remote security solutions and store performance systems. We are able to offer customized solutions that can assist all types and sizes of retailers to better manage their operations and security needs.

Whether you want to protect your merchandise, manage your inventory or ensure no employee frauds, our remote video surveillance helps in controlling the security of your store at all times. We use source-tagging and anti-theft devices, monitor your inventory with RFID and install round-the-clock alarm monitoring to prevent intruders and fires. We also offer video analytics and asset protection and tracking, helping you enrich your customer experience in the store and display all your products with confidence.