Video surveillance is a great security solution for transportation and fleet management. Security cameras on buses and in subways can also help protect people from any untoward attacks and help maintain a safe environment.

Video surveillance helps in preventing vandalism, mugging, pickpocketing and violence in general. Video analytics also play a vital role in ensuring security by using facial recognition and behavioural technology.The NVR installed on vehicles can be tracked as they are GPS enabled allowing the SOTERIA Command Centre to constantly monitor the vehicles. This makes even the largest public systems to be easily monitored using our security solution.

Any breach in the security of a medical company can cause a severe impact on patient health as well as the brand’s reputation in the industry. With the increase of supply chain complexities and globalisation, medical companies are often exposed to new vulnerabilities, with reduced visibility at every level. At Soteria, our highly expert team understands the evolving threats and unique demands for safety in the medical industry, such as cargo thefts, counterfeiting, adulteration, etc. and designs security systems that aim to minimize these threats.

Medical records, high-cost clinical equipment, medical inventory, pharmaceutical products, etc. are highly sensitive and require optimum security solutions round the clock. From visitor management, access control, intrusion detection to video surveillance and remote monitoring, we offer smart tools and technologies to protect your healthcare centres, medical operations, and high-value assets.